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World is changing very fast. Latest technologies are making life easier. Also people are losing their jobs. Web design and development section is also facing similar but not exactly same problem. New web applications made it very easy to create a website. Even you are very new to web development , you can actually create a beautiful website for yourself using such apps. And freelancer marketplaces brought tons of web developers who wants to work really really cheap.

But still people and companies are hiring web developers. To get the work done properly. I started my life as a joomla developer. I have been working with only joomla for over 4 years. But then i felt that joomla is going down* . So i started checking other platforms like wordpress , shopify , bigcommerce , magento , volusion. I found they are quite similar and their is a lot of opportunity in these platforms. So far i was able to maintain my position as a top developer in the company. To be on top, we need to keep ourselves ahead of others. We need to add more skills and getting ourselves familiar with latest technologies.

There is no other way then adding more values to ourselves. Computers might not replace our job but its going to be tough. Only creative peoples will stand last.